The Best Clan

                              Welcome To The BEST Clan                                                  

                           player of the month for december-PjB Exit55

Commander/Co Owner-Yaya Btc lmao
Commander-PjB Exit55
General-Fatal dragon00
General-Its Me Butters
General-get forreal
Member-v DOPEST
Member-Smokey Bear 74
Member-Rip dAcIsCaRter
Member-Clear Xay
Member-KSI PHI11Y

                                           try outs

       underneath is the questions you will be asked if you are trying out for this clan

  1. have you ever been a part of bang?
  2. have you ever been a part of ksi?
  3. have you ever been a part of a clan before if yes what rank were you how high was that rank and how long were you in the clan and why are you no longer in that clan anymore?
  4. have you ever been in a serious clan before?
  5. how active are you?
  6. finally if you are accepted into the tryout section if you make it through it you will finally be welcomed into the clan but be warned you have to read the rules for this clan there are not that many but we take them seriously and we are like a family we are all verry close.
  7. when you are in the clan you are on pobation for one week.

                                      the rules for this clan

  1. do not trash talk.
  2. do not insult another clan member about his deaths.
  3. always say good game to enemy team whether u won or lost especially in a clan battle.
  4. be active talk to a general,commander, or the founder of the clan to discuss how active you can be.
  5. if there is a clan meeting and it is important and you are online unless u get permission not to attend this meeting you must be there.
  6. always try your hardest.
  7. do not insuly another clan member about how he plays whether that might be hard scoping quick scoping or drop shooting.
  8. try not to camp too much unless you have to or unless the outer team is camping.

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